Please give details below about the Site - the building or group of buildings that the panels will go on.
What is the Site name (i.e. Anytown Leisure Centre, Fido's Pet Food Shop).
So we get the exact right rooftop we use What3Words to specify the location of your site. Go to and find the building - you can search by address or navigate using the map. Once you find the roof, click on a square within it. You'll see a 3 word code appear in the search box that looks like dream.arrow.flank - paste it here (just the three words without any slashes):
Please tell us a bit more about the site - what is it, what is it used for etc.
Related organisation
Please give details below about the related organisation - usually the organisation that pays the energy bill. 
This is the business name of the main related organisation, usually whoever pays the energy bills. i.e. AnyCorp Ltd, Superkids Academy trust
What does the Related Organisation do? ie Food Industry, GP Group, Academy Trust
The address of the Organisation (which may not be the Site address)
Organisation's switchboard number. If you have a direct line please enter the number in the Related Organisation contact section below.
Related Organisation contact
Please enter details of the best contact at the organisation.